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    Thank you for downloading and testing AncyraDesktop

    This installation guide is intended for Alpha Testers and describes the basic installation of the Ancyra Framework 6.

    “Ancyra Framework 6” is an operating system in the browser with awesome features like group collaboration, file sharing and application creation engine.

    The following steps describe how to setup and configure AncyraDesktop.

    System Requirements

    Download AncyraDesktop installation file

    After subscribing as a alpha tester by writing your email address on our download page, you receive an email from office@ancyradesktop.com with the link to download the Ancyra Framework 6. Use this link to download the AncyraDesktopSetup.rar file 85 MB. You can rename the file extention from .rar to .zip if you should have issues in opening and extracting the file.

    Enable and setup Internet Information Server

    AncyraDesktop is designed to work with IIS 5.0 or higher versions. This ensured backward compatibility and allows the framework to leverage all possibilities, stay lean and powerful at the same time.
    Enable and set-up your IIS services.
    How To Windows 8 & 10
    How To Windows Vista & 7

    Copy Ancyra files to Website root directory

    Extract the AncyraDesktopSetup.rar file, it will create the AncyraDesktopSetup folder. Copy the content of the AncyraDekstopSetup folder to your root web folder, usually C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder

    Setup Database

    Open your browser and type http://localhost/Install.html. If you use another URL for you root web, use the relevant URL or IP address.

    Setup AncyraDesktop

    You have to create the administrator user profile and click the CREATE USER button.

    After you hit the CREATE USER button, the installation will start and configure the Ancyra environment. Depending on the performance of your machine, it can take up to 2 minutes.

    Once finished, you will see the screen below. Now your Ancyra is set up and you can use