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    The everyday software development is becoming more and more complicated. Structural design and coding errors in the development phase become daily routine. This whole process can be very costly and in some cases it can take a long time. Weeks, months and even years..

    Debugging and more code is not the solution; more code means more errors and more costs. So what is the solution?

    The solution is not more code. The solution is not code. The solution is Ancyra.

    Ancyra is a Runtime Code Generator. Code generation is the process by which a compiler's code generator converts some intermediate representation of source code into a form that can be readily executed by a machine. How can a machine use code to write its own code? It can, it writes programs as a human programmer would write programmes. There are code generators that even push the limits of being able to produce code artificial intelligence (AI).

    The usage of code generators has increased in last last time. This is possible because today access to metadata is easier than it was in the past. You can create your code and add it to the code generator, actually you program your generator and the generator takes it from there. However there are two drawbacks. The code generator generates not only code that is usable, this creates code garbage and requires a cleanup. Secondly, every time the meta data needs to be changed, it requires additional work and this can become expensive. Not if you use Ancyra.

    The solution is not more code. The solution is not code. The solution is Ancyra.

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